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Mission and Background

The Veterans Ride is an annual fundraiser sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America 224, the Desert Veterans of Wisconsin, and the Combat Veterans WI chapter 45-3 or CVMA – WI 45-3. All proceeds of the fundraiser go toward assisting Veterans and their families in Northeastern Wisconsin who have served our country.

In 2015 The Pearly Gates Veterans Ride established an annual scholarship for qualifying Veterans or their dependents at UW-Green Bay and NWTC.

The scholarship had been created to recognize our thanks to the generosity and contributions of the event’s many long time sponsors. Since 2015, the Pearly Gates Veterans Ride & Golf Outing have contributed $18,000 to the educational assistance to honorably discharged veterans or their dependents enabling them to realize their dreams and ambitions.


In the continuing Pearly Gates Ride tradition, we are able to “give it back” once again.

This year we honor Jill Bayard’s generosity and many contributions made to the Veterans by presenting checks of $5,000 to UWGB and NWTC, for scholarships.


“The wonderful donation will help out more than you will know.”

The burden of paying our bulls is no longer there. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely want to say thank you.
The Haines Family

“I was in attendance and participated in the Veterans Ride... for the the last four years...”

I have not served in the military but appreciate those that have and fought for the freedom we enjoy. The program came highly recommended for me to attend four years ago and has not let me down as I send this letter today. I don't know why the sound of the bagpiper and the sound of the Honor Guard boots marching causes a lump in my throat, and brings tears to some around me, this opening ceremony is well done! I hope to hear the bagpiper and marching boots for a long time.
Tod Z

“I want to thank you and everyone involve with providing Kyle and his family support throughout his recovery.”

I hand delivered the check to Kyle and Renee today at the hospital. Both of them are forever grateful and could not hold back their tears of joy and relief. During my stay there today, both of them as well as Kyle's parents could not stop thanking all of you for the help. It truly shows the deep compassion and care you and the members of the Pearly Gates committee have for our veteran community. Kyle is doing much better today but has a long ways to go. He will get there...he is a hard headed marine. I personally want to thank all of you for the ease of getting a fellow veteran the support he needs. The process of working with another group seemed very difficult at the time when his family needed peace of mind. Now they can focus on family and recovery while not having to worry about how their bills and food will be paid for. Thank you.
Justin M

“...because of your generosity, my education can and will continue!”

One day in the future, I hope to serve my community as a leader, in human services or in special education. I have a special place in my heart for our homeless veterans and their families as well. My desire is to reach out to our community's most neglected citizens in any capacity.

“...thank you for the honor of receiving this wonderful scholarship from Pearly Gates Veterans Ride Annual Scholarship.”

Especially a scholarship from an organization that protects the freedoms that we have in America. Education is a freedom that we have in our country that I intend to hold sacred for the rest of my life.​
Heather G.

“...the VA payments don't always come until after I've already needed my books.”

However, your thoughtful gift takes the stress of that away.
Joseph C.

...grateful I am to receive a scholarship of $1,000 on behalf of the Pearly Gates Veterans Ride Scholarship.”

The generosity will help support me in fulfilling my dreams and goals along with helping others during my career.
Laura B.

...thank you from the bottom of my heart for the scholarship of $1,000 you have awarded me.”

It truly means so much to me and I got quite emotional when I got the email stating why I had received it and from which group specifically.
Hannah L.

...thank you and your organization for the $1,000 scholarship.”

I have never really experienced anything like this before. I'm used to working for everything I have and find the generosity given to me awkward to process.
John F.